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High school sucked. I was not one of the popular kids and the girls wanted nothing to do with me. In fact, some of them were complete bitches and pretty mean. It didn’t help that I had terrible acne and low self esteem. To this day, I still cringe when I’m somewhere that has groups of teenagers.

Offline, I can’t stand girls under 22. They irritate me to no end. I am polite and try not to let my dislike of them show, but even young cashiers sometimes remind me of the jerks from my own youth and I start getting irritable. I know I am being ridiculous and it’s an issue I should deal with.

These days, I am pretty happy with my life and I have no difficulty dating women my age. I do find myself hooked on teen porn though. I don’t want to fuck a teen in real life, but there is something so satisfying about seeing these chicks I know must be mean girls, spreading their legs on camera and showing their pussy to me. Watching them fuck themselves, other girls, and getting nailed by big dick fulfills the bullied teenage boy part of my psyche.

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