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A few days ago a buddy of mine asked me out of the 500+ babes on who was my number one favorite. As simple as the question was it made me actually sit back and take notice. I’d been so into checking out all the girls that I never thought for a second to pick out a favorite.

Over the next few days I spent a good amount of time putting together a pros and cons list for my top ten girls. In the end it was easier than I thought, once you see my girl you’ll agree that she is most certainly the best Wow Girls babe!

Let me introduce you guys to Hayden. This bubbly, slender, and very intelligent girl is really something else. I’d go so far as to say that her body is almost flawless. She could look better with bigger tits, or perhaps different color hair, but that’s just getting picky. Hayden is a one of a kind girl and she’d love for you guys to save big with a lifetime monthly discount of 75% off from Wow Girls!

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